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Google This issue kind of fell by the wayside in all the WebM and Android violence, but apart from the cool things Google did this past week, they've also done something really bad. They claim it's a mistake, but the company has collected 600GB of data from open personal wireless networks in 33 countries through its Street View cars, prompting several countries to initiate official investigations into the search giant.
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RE[2]: Permission
by looncraz on Sun 23rd May 2010 21:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Permission"
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Not true. If someone put up their formerly private information on the web, it is NO LONGER PRIVATE ... A lot of people either forget or ignore that fact.

Not sure why your were modded down for that. You speak the absolute truth. If I put my social security number on the internet, I should very well expect for it to be stolen.

Maybe because your comment doesn't really relate to the article, where a company drove around collecting ( rather useless ) information about WiFi networks is getting in some trouble.

I think, however, that it is the individual's responsibility to properly protect their network. It isn't terribly difficult.

The real truth, from the ground, is that most (knowledgeable) people really don't care if someone can hop in on their wireless network, so long as they aren't causing harm in any way.

I don't.

I have a 100% unsecured wireless network with as much amplification as I can provide so that anyone can get internet. I know most don't know enough to cause harm, and I know to secure the few areas that need security ( I own a LOT of computing power ).

Now, if someone comes in and snoops around, they will find some barriers ( notably my secure Linux server ), but even if they get past that and access all of my data - well, okay.. I have nothing to hide.

Seriously, who does? Sure, many people use Quicken or QuickBooks for financial data, but who is dumb enough to actually put enough information to destroy yourself in a single place?

I would never do that.

But that may just be me. I remember every single account number I've EVER had, and I just create a name. I also shred all mail that may identify me...

Maybe I'm just paranoid, though.

--The loon

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