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Benchmarks Now that Google has opened up VP8, the big question is obviously how it'll hold up to H264. Of course, VP8 already wins by default because it's open source and royalty free, but that doesn't mean we should neglect the quality issue. Jan Ozer from has put up an article comparing the two codecs, and concludes that the differences are negligible - in fact, only in some high-motion videos did H264 win out. As always, this is just one comparison and most certainly anything but conclusive. Update: Another comparison. I can't spot the difference, but then again, I'm no expert.
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So, the world should just stick to a patent-encumbered codec because Apple was too short-sighted to think about the possibility of different codecs becoming popular? Are you really that full of Apple?

On top of that, as someone else already pointed out, you present the wrong view on the hardware side. As the CEO of ARM already explained, Cortex-A8 and Snapdragon processors already have the right hardware to accelerate VP8 - you just need to write the correct software. How else do you think Google is going to add VP8 acceleration to existing Android phones with Gingerbread?

As usual, your world revolves around Apple, but that you would be able to twist and turn something like switching to an open and royalty-free codec as anti-competitive is just beyond me. It is borderline idiotic.

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