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Legal Nero AG, a company with one of the most fitting names ever (can you imagine a company called Hitler or Stalin 2000 years from now?), has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the MPEG-LA. The German technology company claims the licensing body has abused its monopoly power, and that is has not honoured agreements made with the US Department of Justice. There's some juicy stuff in here.
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Well since Thom tries to make MPEG-LA bad by using Nero case as fact lets bring some intresting points from MPEG-LA response.

Earlier this year, MPEG sued Nero for breach of contract when it stopped paying to license technology that's part of the MPEG pool. Nero's suit was a standard countermeasure.
First try to skip license payments then accuse them monopoly. Sounds like company that isn't doing so well.

Beeney, who will be defending the case with his colleague Michael Steinberg, told us that similar allegations against patent licensors have been rejected by various jurisdictions, including the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Princo v. U.S. Philips.
So blaming monopoly isn't new strategy and it has failed before.

Ofc you have choice to either believe someone who is completely biased, Thom, or real press who don't pull such a childish "patent troll" crap on every possible point.

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