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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, we've talked a lot about Android last week due to Google's I/O conference, but what about the other guys competing in this field? Research In Motion, the Canadian smartphone maker, is hard at work developing version 6.0 of the BlackBerry operating system, and if a video of a pre-release build is any indication, they've still got some work to do.
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Comment by Beachchairs
by Beachchairs on Mon 24th May 2010 21:20 UTC
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The whole thing looked completely unresponsive. My friend has a Storm, and it does not have input lag like what that video showed. The photo app already supports pinch to zoom, and it tends to follow your fingers allot better.

And the transparent icon thing exists in current gen Blackberries as well, although they looked more transparent in the video.

Also, I noticed the video showed off a new discrete Youtube player. I wonder why. Youtube already works from the web browser.

Perhaps I missed it, but I don't think I saw them show off any messaging apps (bbm, sms, email, etc). 5.0 started to bring sms to the bbm interface. It is like 90% there now. There are a few UI inconsistencies between the two that should be resolved. MSM and email still look old and ancient.

Also, why is the flash player green.

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