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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over at Daringfireball this past weekend, John Gruber put words to what many people are thinking about after Google's rush of Android announcements and not-subtle Apple-bashing at this week's I/O conference: "all-out war." I agree with Gruber that a good old-fashioned bitter rivalry could be a great thing for the computing world, and for smartphone/handheld fans in particular.
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Ok still waiting on which smartphone company or particular phone or platform is doing better then Apple and Google? RIM was #1 in smartphones and their sales are stagnate! So whats left?

Saying my head is in the sand besides sounding childish, does not show facts.

Apple has about 15% of the "smartphone" market and Android about 10%. That sums up to about 25%. You missed about 75% of the world. "Smartphones" are about 20% of the phone market so you actually missed about 95%. Please don't take offense, I'm just noticing that the elephants are ignored once again.

The article was about computing and since that would imply smart phone, that is we were talking about. We are not talking about the other phones dumb or simi dumb like the Microsoft Kin.

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