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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over at Daringfireball this past weekend, John Gruber put words to what many people are thinking about after Google's rush of Android announcements and not-subtle Apple-bashing at this week's I/O conference: "all-out war." I agree with Gruber that a good old-fashioned bitter rivalry could be a great thing for the computing world, and for smartphone/handheld fans in particular.
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...Wrong, right, wrong. Missing one? You are missing the whole world outside Apple and Android! You have your head in the sand.

Nokia is definitely on a downward slide and they know it. If not for their history, they'd be the smallest of the niche players. Warm and fuzzy won't work much longer. People want phones that work well. It's obvious that LG and Samsung are chipping away at Nokia on the bottom end and Android and iPhone at the top end.

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