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Google Looking at the past few week of Google news, you'll be forgiven for thinking Google doesn't do anything else beyond making Android. While there's sexier stuff going on within Google, the company is also still trying to improve its core user service: search. They've launched encrypted search today, and it will be rolled out across the world in the coming days.
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RE: Google needs intranet servers
by mrhasbean on Tue 25th May 2010 23:06 UTC in reply to "Google needs intranet servers"
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I know Google is 'not evil'

Corporations cannot by definition be evil, but people can, and there are any number of people within Google and even external to Google who have access to the data Google collects. This should be a major concern for everyone - it's not about doing anything illegal, it's about our privacy and our right to determine whether we want to be targeted by their advertising based on searches we do.

Just as web indexing should only be allowed on sites that specifically allow it rather than having to specify directives that disallow it (which they really don't have to honour anyway), collection of data from searches should only be allowed if specifically permitted by the user. Give the user the choice the first time they perform a search in that session and set a session cookie so that there's no server side tracking required. It would be a very simple thing to implement if Google really cared about privacy.

Alas it will never happen because like any corporation, Google is about making money, and openness of this type would impact their business model.

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