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Google Looking at the past few week of Google news, you'll be forgiven for thinking Google doesn't do anything else beyond making Android. While there's sexier stuff going on within Google, the company is also still trying to improve its core user service: search. They've launched encrypted search today, and it will be rolled out across the world in the coming days.
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Alas it will never happen because like any corporation, Google is about making money, and openness of this type would impact their business model.

I could see it actually helping Google. The reason why Outlook is so popular is because so many people have to use it at work so they already know how to use it, and are comfortable with it. This will also get people used to the idea of working with documents on the web/network so Google Docs and even Office Live will have to compete to get better and better.

The only difference will be one is hosted by your company and the other is from Google or even Microsoft if you're using Office Live.

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