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OSNews, Generic OSes EyeOS has released version 2.0 Beta. "After several months of hard work we're happy to announce the immediate availability of the official release of eyeOS 2.0 Beta. And even more: the new release doesn't come alone but with the brand new website, which has not ben redesigned for the last 2 years now. eyeOS 2.0 Beta can be downloaded from the new downloads page and tested from a Beta test server in"
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RE[3]: What is an OS
by Laurence on Wed 26th May 2010 11:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: What is an OS"
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Well, the end line is very, very blurry (stricto senso, the OS could include every single app installed on top of it), but the start line is pretty clear : it's an average computer, in the Mobo+RAM+CPU+IO sense.

(And again, we can argue about whether or not the BIOS/EFI is a part of the computer or not. In my opinion it is, since you can't buy a BIOS or a non-BIOS computer separately.)

Sorry, but I'm not sure why you've brought the BIOS and EFI into this as that's not part of the OS. It's part of the hardware itself (just as a DVD drives, HDDs adn key keyboards will all have firmware too).

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