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OSNews, Generic OSes EyeOS has released version 2.0 Beta. "After several months of hard work we're happy to announce the immediate availability of the official release of eyeOS 2.0 Beta. And even more: the new release doesn't come alone but with the brand new website, which has not ben redesigned for the last 2 years now. eyeOS 2.0 Beta can be downloaded from the new downloads page and tested from a Beta test server in"
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Oh. And neither is Mac OS X (it's BSD underneath).

Yes. I'm being sarcastic.

No, you're being confused.

OS X's kernel (which is what you're referring to) is Darwin - a unique kernel designed for OS X.
Darwin is Mach based, not BSD. There is BSD code in Darwin, but that doesn't make Darwin an out and out BSD kernel.

Furthermore, OS X is a product name (not an individual software component) which includes:
* Darwin (the aforementioned kernel),
* Aqua (OS X's user interface),
* Cocoa (which is OS X APIs and widgets),
* and numerous other tools (eg CLI shells), applications (eg Safari) and so forth.

Each on their own is not an OS, but OS X as a product /IS/ an operating system.

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