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OSNews, Generic OSes EyeOS has released version 2.0 Beta. "After several months of hard work we're happy to announce the immediate availability of the official release of eyeOS 2.0 Beta. And even more: the new release doesn't come alone but with the brand new website, which has not ben redesigned for the last 2 years now. eyeOS 2.0 Beta can be downloaded from the new downloads page and tested from a Beta test server in"
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RE[5]: What is an OS
by Laurence on Wed 26th May 2010 15:42 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: What is an OS"
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No, but since some people tend to include Mac OS X in the "computer" system by telling that it's part of the product just in the same way as the BIOS/EFI... One may say that the "what is a computer" point is still debatable.

Right, I see your point.

Personally I'd argue that the distinction between is clearly defined. Maybe when Apple release OS upgrades as SSDs that you replaced the old OS with the new (thus you physically replace a component when you upgrade your computer and software upgrades were only available on said media), then I'd me more inclined to agree with Apples definition.

But the fact that Macs can run any OS (subject to the obvious) and that OS X can run on non-Apple hardware, I think it's a stretch to argue that OS X and the hardware are a single entity regardless of how well Apples flagship OS is built for the hardware.

However, I'm / we're drifting off onto a whole other debate.....

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