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Google "Today, I'm happy to announce that Google Chrome for Mac is being promoted out of beta to our stable channel. We believe that it provides not only the stability, performance and polish that every Mac user expects, but also a seamless native Mac application experience that Mac users will feel instantly at home with." Update: The Linux version is out too.
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First of all I have to state I am a big fan of Chrome, and I use it as my primary browser.

The lack of KDE integration makes me sad though. The most painful are "Open File" and "Save File" panels that utilize GNOME's technology, making it very difficult to access KDE shortcuts and remote drives.

I am not really impressed that they released "the Linux" version without the support for the second most popular desktop environment, although there are tickets for that (e.g.:

Keep up the good work, but pay a bit more attention for KDE users' needs please.

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