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Legal Well, this was as inevitable as the tides rolling in. The New York Times is reporting that the US Department of Justice is investigating Apple's tactics in the digital music market. The antitrust probe is still in an early phase, and is said to focus on "the dynamics of selling music online".
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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Thu 27th May 2010 03:09 UTC
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The probe doesn't go further enough into the industry and doesn't address the underlying problems as so far as competition, interoperability and third party support.

What is required is for a industry standard to be developed that all phone and media device companies conform to and can be implemented royalty and NDA free without exceptions. That by itself would break the tripoly between the operating system, the software sitting on top and the proprietary protocol that binds the hardware to the software to the operating system. Each part of the equation supporting the other thus limiting the end users choice about the software they use to synchronise with the device, limiting the operating system they can run on their computer and limiting the sources in which one can obtain music and applications from.

They also need to look at the way in which the music and movie companies operate and force both industries that when they release an product it must be made availably globally at the same price (within reason of course because of currency fluctuations) at the same time. I'm sick and tired of waiting a year for something that has been out in the United States for months - and it is nothing more than cartel like behaviour.

Sort those two problems out and you'll go along way to addressing the problems that exist in the IT industry - btw, it isn't an 'Apple issue', it is an industry wide issue that needs to be addressed across the board rather than just focusing in on one company. Yes that includes Amazon and their scumbag policy of only selling music to select markets and refuse to sell a kindle to me living in New Zealand - so yes Jeff Bezos, go suck a tail pipe along with your cartel friends.

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