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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Pavel Heimlich has announced the release of an updated version of Korona 4.4.3: "Korona is the live DVD adding KDE4 packages on top of OpenSolaris. It is intended to be the showcase of the current state of the kde-solaris project, definitely not a distribution for any serious use."
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* FreeBSD's ZFS support was still only classed as "experimental" plus there seemed to be little in the way of virtulisation solutions for AMD64 (if I'm wrong about these points, please correct me)
* and Linux (ZFS-FUSE) did little to reassure me either.

ZFS in FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE (v13) is marked as production ready, and on amd64 does not require any additional tuning with 2GB or more RAM. You may of course use i386, but kernel recompile can be required to increase some kernel memory limits, besides that a lot of people reported that it works flawlessly now.

Even more ZFS 'upgrades/updates' has been added to, what it will be 8.1-RELEASE (will be released somewhere in July).

I use ZFS on my FreeBSD box without any issues or panics, uptime very healthy, system reboots only when I tell him to do so.

Current version in 8-STABLE/9-CURRENT tree is ZFS v14, but there were already some works on side source tree to have deduplication working with ZFS v24 on FreeBSD 9-CURRENT, here:

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