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Apple It's rumour time! Analyst Trip Chowdhry, with Global Equities Research, is claiming that Microsoft has been allotted seven minutes during Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote speech. Supposedly, the Redmond giant will unveil that developers will be able to write native iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications using Visual Studio 2010 on Windows. As crazy as this sounds, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who can move beyond the outdated Apple vs. Microsoft attitude.
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RE[2]: Pardon?
by dpJudas on Thu 27th May 2010 22:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Pardon?"
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Although I do agree with you that Microsoft isn't the Great Satan as often described, they do things that can only be explained by "religious" behavior.

For example, if you had ever tried developing an application you would notice that the default error page shown selects some font sizes that look absolutely awful in any other browser than Internet Explorer. Now, had this been ANY other company than Microsoft this would naturally have been fixed a long long time ago (its a 10 year old 'feature' of .Net now).

There are countless examples over the years where it would make perfect business sense to support a certain feature set or platform but where the "religion" of Microsoft simply forbids them to pursue that opportunity.

Microsoft's basic principle has always been to only support other platforms if that serves as a way to get people onto their own platform and when they succeed they stop maintaining the other platform.

This rumor, if true, is no different: they know they lost the current round in the mobile OS war and are now attempting to get back in by stopping that people must acquire a Mac to develop for the iPhone and iPad.

Then their next step will be to improve the Windows Mobile SDK and when the time is right they will discontinue the Mac support. Just like they have always done.

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