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Graphics, User Interfaces Now this is an interesting article, written by Lukas Mathis. He makes the interesting case that the gesture-based interface, as seen on the iPad and many modern smartphones, is actually more akin to the command line interface than the graphical one. He also offers a number of solutions for that pesky problem of gestures being anything but discoverable.
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RE: Memorization
by sultanqasim on Fri 28th May 2010 00:52 UTC in reply to "Memorization"
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Ha, not hardly. Though certainly not perfect, something like an iPad is still a hell of a lot more intuitive than a CLI, assuming you're approaching both for the very first time.

That's because it uses a mix of GUI and gestures. The GUI part of the UI is very easy to understand.

Still gestures are much easier than command lines. No exact spellings of commands to remember, just a basic idea on the gesture is usually all you need to know. No command syntax to memorize either. man pages are very helpful for that though.

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