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Linux "Today we are announcing the project release of MeeGo v1.0. This release provides developers with a stable core foundation for application development and a rich user experience for Netbooks. The MeeGo Netbook user experience is the first to appear, with the development of the MeeGo Handset user experience moving to the open in June."
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Whither Maemo?
by danboid on Fri 28th May 2010 06:53 UTC
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So what happened to Maemo in this 'merger'?

I've not tried it yet but the screenshots and text are telling me that this is basically an updated moblin w/ chrome and social networking tagged on? What has been took/ developed from Maemo here?

I've not had funs to get one but I was quite excited after having a go with Maemo 5 on the N900 and I was looking forward to how that would progress but it seems Maemo 5 could be its last major version- assassinated by 'super moblin'.

I'm sure I'd heard recently that Meego was not to be ported to the N900 but now it seems it is. I was very keen on the N900 / Maemo 5+ but now I need to try this out and I'm not so sure anymore as moblin didn't impress me. Maemo 5 being based upon Debian was key to its cool.

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