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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Like Research in Motion, Nokia is playing catch-up, software-wise, to the iPhone OS and Android, which is funny in a cruel way because both Nokia and RIM have a far larger market share than both of them. Nokia has put out a preview video of their upcoming N8 smartphone, which runs the latest Symbian version, Symbian^3. Nokia, like RIM, has got work to do.
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Depends on what you're after
by Haicube on Fri 28th May 2010 15:59 UTC
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I neither have tried the N8 nor will I say I love symbians interface. But I will however say that comparing it to iPhone is ridicilous. The iPhone is so far away from completion it's ridicilous. Like for instance, instead of having a descent browser, every one makes an app for every site out there to compensate for how crippled it is.

Instead of just having normal files and an e-bookreader, every book is an app. Talk about illogical and disorganised now will you.

Now to the point. Symbian is great in many ways and stinks in others. Fact is that as far as I know, Symbian is by far the king in extending life of battery? It's _very_ stable (at least from my experience compared to many other systems). Now the problem with it is obviously some usability issues and the lack of apps (Not website apps or links to websites with altered graphics, we're talking real apps). I do believe this is being addressed through QT in a not so distant future.

In all honesty, I think Nokia actually has learned it's lesson and they bought Trolltech to solve the huge problems with interoperability for apps. Now it's just a lot (LOT) of work before we see the result of this.

For devs this must be brilliant. I mean either develop your app for iPhone minimarket or use QT and aim for the remaining 90% of the market.... Humm,.. let's do that math again... QT which runs on a multitude of platforms from Meego to *nix to Symbian.... or develop for uuuhm iPhoneOS with a tine share of the market and where you can get kicked out from the store any day because of Applezofrenia.

Geee it sure looks promising.

P.s Let's not forget that NOkias hardware blows a lot of competition out of the water... especially i"Drop the phone on the floor and shatter the glassphone" D.s

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