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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Like Research in Motion, Nokia is playing catch-up, software-wise, to the iPhone OS and Android, which is funny in a cruel way because both Nokia and RIM have a far larger market share than both of them. Nokia has put out a preview video of their upcoming N8 smartphone, which runs the latest Symbian version, Symbian^3. Nokia, like RIM, has got work to do.
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RE[4]: Actually....
by miles on Sat 29th May 2010 00:23 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Actually...."
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No, they aren't. N97 sucked big time. Even Nokia has admitted as much.

And corrected with both the N97 mini and updates to the N97.

They are rapidly losing market share, and years after iPhone's launch they do not have a competitive product. I like Noika, they are very up front and honest about their products. But, you can't blame their honesty for their crappy products right now.

Since Nokia had such a headstart compared to other mobile platforms, their market share in percents can only slowly decrease till it stabilises.

However, one should not forget that not only are they still selling more smartphone than any other competitor, their increase in smartphone sales year over year have also been bigger than those of any competitor, including the Iphone and Android, who both started from noting quite recently and still can't match the increase in smartphone sales Nokia sees.

For example, the paltry 40 millions Iphone units sold on an average year means Apple will never be able to catch up with the number of Symbian devices Nokia ships each year. And that's not even including cheap phones.

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