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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The Free Software Foundation is up in arms over Apple's iTunes Store Terms of Service, suggesting that these terms fundamentally conflict with the terms of the GNU Public License. The foundation has warned Apple that a version of GNU Go distributed by the App Store makes Apple liable to comply with GPL terms that allow free sharing of code, but warned that its 'Usage Rules' violate those terms. The fallout could potentially affect any app that uses GPLed code."
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DRM isn't the root problem
by tomz on Sat 29th May 2010 00:55 UTC
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They aren't "up in arms" - the GPL was simply violated and they are pointing it out and doing so with less thunder than the RIAA or MPAA usually does. Or even Apple to someone like Pystar.

The GPL insists that you be able to run modified versions, that the source is available, etc.

Free as in Speech more than Free as in Beer.

If the DRM was such that you could run the UNMODIFIED version, it wouldn't clear up the problem.

For it to meet the GPLv2 or worse, v3 (which avoids TiVoization which would apply here), I need to have access to the source, be able to modify the code and be able to DISTRIBUTE and run that modified code on the device.

There are other subtleties, but Apple's agreement and the GPL (v2 or v3) are incompatible on several levels.

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