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Intel One name was conspicuously absent from the list of companies backing Google's WebM project and the VP8 codec. Despite other chip makers and designers being on the list, like AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, and Qualcomm, Intel didn't make an appearance. Yesterday, the company made its first careful commitment to the WebM project.
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mobile linux without the empty talk.

[q]I am talking about it being on actual devices. My point still stands; many promises but no products on the shelf that I can purchase. Until I see the netbook preloaded onto the device with integration/compatibility issues sorted out (reliable suspend and resume, reliable wireless etc), it is another pie in the sky project. Same goes for ARM devices that are promises each year and never delivered to the marketplace.

Who actually cares about these devices or in fact the people who are dumb enough to use them?

So what if Apple won't support WebM? It's not like the people who use WebM care that much about Apple or their users that much to begin with.

Don't like WebM? Don't use it and just go away. It's not like as if anyone actually cares about you.

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