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Microsoft Microsoft is taking a stand on an emerging tech that threatens to reshape software pricing models.
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boo to software licensing!
by kamper on Mon 10th Oct 2005 19:21 UTC
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Software licensing in general is icky. It doesn't make economic sense that a vendor can charge you more for a product when providing that product is no more difficult for them. IE, they can deliver you one cd with an operating system which you can install once or a thousand times without making the vendor work any harder.

Of course the opposite extreme of paying only for the effort put in by the vendor and not the usefulness of the end product doesn't make any more sense.

That is, of course, why oss is a better model for the industry going forward. You get more collaborative development -> better integration. And at the end of the day, the money that does change hands is for something that *is* difficult to reproduce: service. Hell, the code doesn't even have to be open so long as the product is free-as-in-beer to use.

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