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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Like Research in Motion, Nokia is playing catch-up, software-wise, to the iPhone OS and Android, which is funny in a cruel way because both Nokia and RIM have a far larger market share than both of them. Nokia has put out a preview video of their upcoming N8 smartphone, which runs the latest Symbian version, Symbian^3. Nokia, like RIM, has got work to do.
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RE[6]: Actually....
by miles on Sat 29th May 2010 10:39 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Actually...."
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If you want to be difficult and argue things that don't matter much, go ahead, but I'm not going to argue back.

Then what was the point in you spreading misinformation? If you just want to spread your opinion, that's perfectly acceptable, but make up false information to supposedly back it up and you'll be called for it.

The important point that was originally argued, is that Nokia phones suck. They promise they will be better in two years time, but they still suck.

Your opinion, just don't buy a Nokia.

Absolutely no one would consider buying a n97 over an iphone or high quality droid. And its going to be a while before they have anything that would compete with either platform.

There you lost it again. More people consider a Nokia and buy it than there are people considering an Iphone and buying it. Fact is, Iphone and Android don't even start to compete with Nokia (and to a certain extend SE) on points that matter to a lot of people. It's life, get over it.

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