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KDE KOffice 2.2, the office suite for KDE, has been released. New features include import filters for Office 2007 thanks to Nokia, and the return of the Access clone Kexi. With this release, the KOffice team writes, "we are [...] at a stage where we think that KOffice can be used for real work by some users". A full list of changes can be found here.
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I'm Loving KOffice
by JRepin on Sat 29th May 2010 10:44 UTC
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I love how they've done the interface. instead of wasting the precious vertical space with more toolbars, or even worse with ribbon, they celeverly put the tolls where there is a lot of space, to the sides. In I love how you can simply detach those tool groups and mover them anywhere you wan. I also like it a lot that this is much ligther and leaner than and it integrated into the desktop much better. Definitely an office suite to watch. Oh and thanks to Kexi (databases) and Plato (project management) authors for providing these much needed apps. The only component I miss now is some app for flowcharting and then KOffice would be almost perfect for me.

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