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KDE KOffice 2.2, the office suite for KDE, has been released. New features include import filters for Office 2007 thanks to Nokia, and the return of the Access clone Kexi. With this release, the KOffice team writes, "we are [...] at a stage where we think that KOffice can be used for real work by some users". A full list of changes can be found here.
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Haiku port
by danboid on Sat 29th May 2010 16:52 UTC
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Great to see koffice 2,x shape up- it really is potentially one of the most important suites of FLOSS there is so its sad it has so few developers.

Its so important as it remains the only complete, free alternative to OOo, MSO, Google Docs etc. and it isn't the definition of bloated like OOo, so its kind of awkward the gnumeric is the best FLOSS speadsheet and isn't part of either major FLOSS office suite- shame!

I am more excited about when this means for Haiku users, who can now work with MSO docs now too, not having the choice of using OOo for that. Or at least they will be able to when its port gets updated.

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