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Apple I've been meaning to write this for some time, and for all the time I delayed the more poignant the point I wanted to make started to become as new news came out further solidifying my angle. When I begun writing this article the iPad had not yet been revealed, iPhone OS 4 was not on the map and Apple had not yet purchased Lala. You've probably just noticed that all of these events in fact point toward Apple embracing the web more and in this article I will point out why this is not the case because I believe Apple's agenda here is similar to something we've already seen in recent history.
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by mtzmtulivu on Sat 29th May 2010 21:35 UTC
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Safari will be the next IE6.

Are you talking about safari or webkit?

Safari as a web browser is not going anywhere anytime soon and its existence only serves to force web developers to aim for lowest common denominator and hence will prevent anybody from locking up the web.

webkit is developed in the open and apple cant lock it down even if they wanted to.

Google's best interest lies in people having free access to the web. They join the cellphone business to guarantee this access. They will enter the ipad space with devices running android and chromeos soon.

Nobody will be able to get commanding power microsoft had with IE6 over the web. There are simply too many powerful players at the moment.

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