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KDE "The developers behind the KDE desktop environment have released the first beta of version 4.5. Although the major focus during this development cycle is stability, the release also brings some nice new features and user interface improvements."
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RE: Won't even try it...
by sbenitezb on Sat 29th May 2010 23:26 UTC in reply to "Won't even try it..."
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Since KDE4 was released, GNOME has been pushed so much farther by distributions and grown so much on a lot of people.

It's a shame. KDE 4.4 is way better than 4.0. Main problem are the distros, which overcustomize KDE to a point where they break it or make it slow. I'm not sure about Kubuntu now, but last time I tried it, it was a pain. Now Arch with vainilla KDE is awesome. Anyway, I think it's much better if the desktop developers implement a very nice vainilla desktop, with all functionality available so there's no need for distros to be tweaking and implementing all missing stuff (Ubuntu, Fedora).

Compare two distros like Ubuntu and Fedora and you'll see they look and behave somewhat differently. And that's because Gnome is not well integrated. What's even more daunting is the path Gnome is taking towards 3.0 with gnome shell and all that useless crap.

The damage is done, and I don't think it will ever recover. So, no, I won't even try it.

People assume that when damage is done, there's no chance to recover. KDE has recovered , and that clearly shows in the desktop and applications. That you won't even try is because you haven't recovered yet, not a thing with KDE itself, it's your own limitation.

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