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Apple I've been meaning to write this for some time, and for all the time I delayed the more poignant the point I wanted to make started to become as new news came out further solidifying my angle. When I begun writing this article the iPad had not yet been revealed, iPhone OS 4 was not on the map and Apple had not yet purchased Lala. You've probably just noticed that all of these events in fact point toward Apple embracing the web more and in this article I will point out why this is not the case because I believe Apple's agenda here is similar to something we've already seen in recent history.
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RE[2]: Ironic
by Moochman on Sun 30th May 2010 13:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Ironic"
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Here's a challenge for you. Name the computer where Apple do not allow a browser other than their own. I sure as hell can't because:

1) iPhone OS based devices are in my eyes appliances rather than general computing devices.

2) If you don't agree with 1, Opera Mini.

2) Ditto what Kroc said about Opera Mini
1) This is more or less just parroting back Apple's official line, which they are using to pull the wool over the eyes of consumers. Fact is, the lines between "computer" and "appliance" are blurring, and have been for a long time. Apple is just hoping that we get so used to the idea of our computing devices being locked up that we won't even notice the day our "non-appliance" devices become irrelevant and our freedom has forever disappeared.

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