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Linux "Today we are announcing the project release of MeeGo v1.0. This release provides developers with a stable core foundation for application development and a rich user experience for Netbooks. The MeeGo Netbook user experience is the first to appear, with the development of the MeeGo Handset user experience moving to the open in June."
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RE[5]: lets see a product
by vivainio on Mon 31st May 2010 17:43 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: lets see a product"
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But don't you think that having just a single code base (let's call it: Core UX) implemented on Qt would have done their lives easier?

Not really at this timeframe.

It would make the life easier if it was there already, but these people have products to deliver and deadlines to meet - and code that exist already.

The important thing is that application developers have a consistent api to develop against. Whether the window manager is coded with xlib or turtles does not make or break the platform, even thought in the long run maintenance of consistent system is cheaper.

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