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Microsoft While Microsoft is indeed incredibly profitable, it's not going as well as it seems. The company is still riding high upon its Windows and Office offerings, but when it comes to new markets, Microsoft hasn't been as successful. Jean-Louis Gassee [a bug prevents me from using the correct spelling - fixed in the article body] provides some very interesting insights into the company's past ten years.
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What is their vision anyway?
by Haicube on Mon 31st May 2010 19:50 UTC
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I agree completely with the fact that MS hasn't done any real successful market entries for quite some time. However, I do think it's far to early to count them out just yet.

Sure, Ballmer is a tremendous problem. I'd even throw in that the biggest problem MS has is actually Windows itself. Because technically I'm certain they wanna go for Singular for instance, but practically that would be saying to the public, hey Windows sucks, switch to this instead. That simply won't work.

I also believe that people easily forget some facts. 90% of business users are OFFICE users. The day MS pulls the plug on MS Office for OSX (with whatever made up Steve JObs reason. Like that when a proper Intel box runs OSX you can toast on it...). They will get back quite a lot of customers simply because they have no option (I know I don't).

I also think that it is a bit hilarious people call Ballmer the marketing guy since it's MSFT being in the shadows while Steve Jobs has managed to get billions (maybe even trillions) in free marketing for iPad and iPhone alone.

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