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Microsoft The Microsoft exec in charge of Office has dismissed last week's tie-up between Sun and Google as allusion rather than substance. "That announcement didn't have anything," Chris Capossela, corporate vice president Information Worker Product Management Group of Microsoft told a crowd of reporters last week. "It had something about a toolbar and Java Runtime, and it alluded to a potential thing some time in the future. OpenOffice isn't hard to get, just go to their website and download the software."
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All in all resumed
by zimbatm on Mon 10th Oct 2005 20:10 UTC
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Google and Sun made commercial announcements, so I have to dismiss it and make another article for my own products. aka. Office 12, SharePoint, Groove... What interest do they gain in doing such things ? /me is really wondering who would fall for it.

Nothing really interesting here. Except maybe this funny sentence : "Sun makes very expensive proprietary hardware, while Google offers free software for the masses. Is that a marriage made in heaven? I don't know.". This phrase has clearly no sence, since hardware is mostly proprietary and google offers moslty free (as in beer) services and not software. What's the relation between this ? O_O

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