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Microsoft While Microsoft is indeed incredibly profitable, it's not going as well as it seems. The company is still riding high upon its Windows and Office offerings, but when it comes to new markets, Microsoft hasn't been as successful. Jean-Louis Gassee [a bug prevents me from using the correct spelling - fixed in the article body] provides some very interesting insights into the company's past ten years.
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RE[3]: The Ballmer problem
by MissingBeOS on Tue 1st Jun 2010 13:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The Ballmer problem"
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From my recollections, I don't think ANYONE could have kept Be, Inc. alive in the economic conditions they were forced to contend with. Nothing like not being able to get a single hardware manufacturer to install your OS as a dual-boot option to drive a spike through your IPO. Didn't matter one whit that BeOS was amazing, lightyears ahead of its time, nimble, responsive, etc., etc., etc. When you go up an 8,000lb anti-social behemoth like Microsoft, Bad Things Happen(tm.)

It's very easy to play Monday morning quarterback with the decisions that JLG made with Be; however, I read everything he has to say about topics like this with the knowledge that he is a very, very intelligent and savvy person. Just because Be, Inc. didn't make it is not any reason to disparage observations made by someone who had the temerity and brass ornaments to go up against Microsoft.

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