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Google Google employees have always had a remarkable amount of freedom when it comes to what operating system they wanted to run on company computers - Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, it was all fine. Since the China attacks, however, this has changed: Windows is no longer welcome on Google computers.
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RE[2]: Using Chrome OS
by jibadeeha on Tue 1st Jun 2010 18:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Using Chrome OS"
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""Google is working on the Linux-based Chrome OS, so promoting internal use of Google products is high on the agenda."

Doubt this would extend to the developers though, as they would surely need access to software development tools, e.g. an IDE, etc.

Integrating with the world's premier compiler for multiple platforms:
GCC has been adopted as the standard compiler by most other modern Unix-like computer operating systems, including GNU/Linux, the BSD family and Mac OS X. GCC has been ported to a wide variety of processor architectures, and is widely deployed as a tool in commercial, proprietary and closed source software development environments. GCC is also available for most embedded platforms, for example Symbian, AMCC and Freescale Power Architecture-based chips. The compiler can target a wide variety of platforms, including videogame consoles such as the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast. Several companies make a business out of supplying and supporting gcc ports to various platforms, and chip manufacturers today consider a GCC port almost essential to the success of an architecture.

Welcome to 2010.

Welcome to 2010 - you are so funny ;)

You really didn't need to go to all that trouble in providing all those links, but hey I guess it is your free time and what you enjoy doing.

I am quite aware that GNU/Linux is well supported in terms of development tools at that Chrome OS is based on the Linux kernel.

What I was getting at is this, if Google were to insist employees use Chrome OS then this probably would not extend as far as the developers or support teams unless they modified a version of Chrome OS for this purpose.

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