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Google Fragmentation. You'll often hear people say this is a major problem with Google's Android platform; there are many devices running multiple different versions of the mobile operating system, leading to fragmentation. Dan Morrill, Android's open source and compatibility program manager, addresses this issue in a blog post, and details what Google is doing to fight it. The gist: it's a non-issue - according to Google, that is.
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Jobs has stated that jailbreaking the iPhone should be a criminal offense.

I bought a house from the Steve Jobs Apple's store. I didn't like the way kitchen is placed, the bedroom is placed. There is only one power socket for everything in the house. There is no refrigerator since Steve Jobs says that I don't need it. For opening the door I need to "slide to open".

I don't like this way the house is created. I want to change the design and way it is built. Since I bought it, I own it and I don't need any warranty from Steve Jobs. Then why should it be illegal?

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