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Intel "In an announcement at the International Supercomputing Conference, Intel provided further details on the many-core chip that it hinted at earlier in the month. The first product based on the new design will be codenamed Knight's Corner, and will debut at 22nm with around 50 x86 cores on the same die. Developer kits, which include a prototype of the design called Knight's Ferry, have been shipping to select partners for a while now, and will ship more broadly in the second half of the year. When Intel moves to 22nm in 2011, Knight's Corner will make its official debut."
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RE: Comment by Neolander
by rom508 on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 09:49 UTC in reply to "Comment by Neolander"
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This "multiple low-powered core" technology is not gonna last on the desktop, the day people realize that only few problems scale well accross multiple cores.

You mean only few software programs scale well across multiple cores. There are many problems that can be decomposed into parallel tasks, you just need to build your software from the ground up to take advantage of large number of parallel execution units.

There are many things people do on desktop machines that benefit from multicore processors: audio/video encoding, digital photography, data rendering, be it a complex 3D scene or office/web document. And many new problems can be created to fill the demand for such hardware.

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