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Google Fragmentation. You'll often hear people say this is a major problem with Google's Android platform; there are many devices running multiple different versions of the mobile operating system, leading to fragmentation. Dan Morrill, Android's open source and compatibility program manager, addresses this issue in a blog post, and details what Google is doing to fight it. The gist: it's a non-issue - according to Google, that is.
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Incorrect use of "forward compatible'
by phoenix on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 14:38 UTC
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While he does make the case that Android is fully 100% forward compatible (i.e., applications written for older versions work on newer versions too), it doesn't solve the problem of application developers targeting the latest and greatest releases, leaving users locked into older versions frustrated.

The ability to run older apps on newer OSes is backwards compatibility (ie, an Android 1.6 app on an Android 2.2 device).

Forward compatibility allows newer apps on older OSes (ie, an Android 2.2 app being able to run on an Android 1.6 device).

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