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Hardware, Embedded Systems You have these products and/or technologies that everybody expects to go mainstream, yet never really do. You know, things like desktop Linux (+14 troll), ARM-based netbooks, and... PixelQi screens. Yes, these wonder displays are supposed to take over the world, yet, we've only ever seen them on demonstration devices - never on shipping products we can, you know, buy. At Computex, PixelQi once again showed off its display technology on demonstration devices.
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Keep in mind that the direct ancestor of the PixelQi screens has been manufactured and shipped in quantity quite successfully. After all these were/are the screens used in the XO-1 and XO-1.5 laptops (from the OLPC project). I have one, obtained from the G1G1 program several years ago. So this technology has a proven track record in a device that was ultimately manufactured for under $150.

And it's a really nice screen. OLPC might have made some mistakes (the software, keyboard & trackpad spring to mind) but the screen is a winner! When folded into its tablet configuration, its actually a very passable eReader, unfortunately with not enough screen real estate to show a full page PDF comfortably. So you can't call these screens vaporware, one generation of them has already shipped.

I'm really looking forward to devices that incorporate new generations of the technology, with higher resolutions.

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