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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Of course. Just as I'm about to finish university, and leave school behind me for good, some company comes up with a dual screen tablet which I would've killed for to replace that boatload of textbooks I've read over the years. It's called the Kno (more here), and it's a massive thing for sure - but considering their target demographic, it actually makes sense.
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by gfacer on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 23:55 UTC
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Seriously, you need to be better than this to replace the leap in tech R&D that went into the ipad. Two screens is fine, but is it necessary even?

I know a old business associate that went broke on an idea much like this, aimed at the medical community. I knew at the time it was a dumb idea to try to beat tech giants at there own game (these guys might be subcontracting the work, but still)......just didn't know the guy had put his life savings into the damn company.

Hell, if you don't have the clout to make the market, even 5 years head start in the tech isn't enough sometimes. This device is 10x better than the one my friend was working on, and I bet they still would have failed if they went to market with this unit! Even palm barely got enough traction to compete against the Nokia's, Motorola's, HP's of the world when they started taking notice.....and then they lost there edge through there own mistakes.

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