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Legal We've talked about ACTA before. ACTA is an anti-capitalistic treaty which implements several measures that will seriously hurt people's freedoms, rights, and privacy, all to, among other things, support a failing business model from an industry which has failed time and time again to adapt to a changing market. In any working free market, business models are allowed to fail, but the US/EU governments clearly don't see it that way. India has now announced that it is going to forge its own anti-ACTA coalition in an effort to undermine the new treaty.
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RE: What.
by woegjiub on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 03:46 UTC in reply to "What."
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Have to agree here.
ACTA is an excellent example of capitalist business practice.

Capitalism = the rich hoarding money, and exploiting everyone, whilst churning out crap and producing artificial demand for said crap.

Sounds like ACTA to me.

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