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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Of course. Just as I'm about to finish university, and leave school behind me for good, some company comes up with a dual screen tablet which I would've killed for to replace that boatload of textbooks I've read over the years. It's called the Kno (more here), and it's a massive thing for sure - but considering their target demographic, it actually makes sense.
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RE[2]: Dud
by gfacer on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 07:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Dud"
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Ah, yes... the magical Ipad, which miraculously overnight became the de facto standard of tablets. It's so "revolutionary."

I do think Apple has done a very good job at putty nice hardware is small light packages. Not saying it can't be done by others, but it's a challenge.

"Two screens is fine, but is it necessary even?

It probably helps when one wants to fold a large work area in half, to fit inside a small bag/case.

That is exactly type of dumb idea that starts these projects (the other is obviously "a book has two pages, we have two pages!"). Two screens do not make one large work area. IMO, that doesn't work on multiple desktop monitors and it doesn't work on tablet/booklet hardware. I would argue that anything done on the second screen could probably be done with a semi-transparent UI layer on the tablet. The payoff is a more simple, more sturdy design. Big screens won't fit in your bag until flexible display roll along. Pun intended.

"Hell, if you don't have the clout to make the market, even 5 years head start in the tech isn't enough sometimes.

"Mr. Page and Mr. Brin, we are sorry, but we're not interested in investing in your 'Google' project. We don't see how you can compete in this market, not being one of the big boys, such as Yahoo or Alta Vista."

I am certainly glad that there are those who ignore the naysayers and who persevere to advance technology and humanity.

We are lost the moment that we all blindly accept the drivel handed to us by the likes of Apple and Microsoft.
" [/q]

Software is much easier to innovate in, there is no comparison. Ever watch the movie "Flash of Genius"? The guy had a good idea (software), he just should have never tried to get into manufacturing of it(hardware)! Besides, as your example references, Google was not making the market.

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