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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Of course. Just as I'm about to finish university, and leave school behind me for good, some company comes up with a dual screen tablet which I would've killed for to replace that boatload of textbooks I've read over the years. It's called the Kno (more here), and it's a massive thing for sure - but considering their target demographic, it actually makes sense.
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Nice, but too big
by torbenm on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 07:51 UTC
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2 x 14" screen is pretty big. I would have preferred each to be somewhere between 10" and 12". But maybe 14" screens are cheaper than smaller screens with similar resolution? The resolution (1440x900) is certainly better than on most small-screen devices. My Thinkpad has 1440x900 on 12", though, so you can get 12" screens with the same resolution.

Still, if the price is right, I might still buy one. The Linux underneath should make it possible to use it for more than just browsing and reading.

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