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OSNews, Generic OSes Now this is interesting. We only briefly touched upon Qubes two months ago, and now, the team behind the project have announced a very interesting feature: disposable virtual machines. The idea here is that you can tell your operating system to launch an application in a virtual machine that gets created specifically for opening that application. If you close the application, the VM is destroyed automatically - and this all in under one second.
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RE: trial software
by DOSguy on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 19:49 UTC in reply to "trial software"
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Would running Firefox ask you if you want to import IE settings every time you start it then?

By default it probably would:

Qubes lets the user define many security domains implemented as lightweight virtual machines, or 'AppVMs'

I wouldn't be surprised if this will enable the user the modify/customize the filesystem, and possibly in the future, the windows registry too. Possibly by simply snapshotting the AppVM at some point.

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