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BeOS & Derivatives "In this short article, we'll take a look at the legendary BFS, starting with some filesystem basics and moving on to a discussion of the above features. Also included at the end of the article are two interviews: one with the person who developed BFS for Be, and another with the developer behind the open-source version of BFS."
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Comment by marcp
by marcp on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 21:13 UTC
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Oh yeah ... BFS is really great. It performs really well, even under some pretty high load. That's one of my favourite FS's, just because I've seen it in action for so long time and I have some comparison with other FS's. BFS and FFS/2 - these are my champions in everyday work [and yes, I know it's like apples and peaches, but I'm referring to *BSDs and BeOS/Haiku].

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