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Windows And the award for Most Boring And Non-descriptive Press Release Title 2010 goes to Microsoft for "Microsoft Outlines Business Opportunities for Hardware Makers Across Windows Platform". The press release itself appears to be about as interesting as watching paint dry, until you reach that small part where it says Microsoft has released the first community technology preview of Windows Embedded Compact 7 (1).
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RE[4]: This is a Win 7 product
by mappy on Fri 4th Jun 2010 01:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: This is a Win 7 product"
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Well yes, the api is a little different, but it's still the mainstream windows api... sort of. You still have CreateWindow(), hwnds and handles, and MFC and ATL are there. Broadly speaking, they both implement a similar API, so you could say (and it is said) that CE implements a subset of Win32, and with CE 7 that subset is updated.

The Native API is a different story, since there's no ntdll to call on Windows CE. I don't know if Win32 is a subsystem over the CE kernel like it is on NT, or if the layers are arranged differently..

Microsoft do encourage .NET CF and Silverlight development, but there will always be a need for compiled applications using the underlying API. I have access to an ARM smartbook running CE 6, and while it has .NET CF, it curiously doesn't seem to have WinForms or any other UI library. C++ and Win32 is basically the only option if i want to write for it.

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