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Legal We've talked about ACTA before. ACTA is an anti-capitalistic treaty which implements several measures that will seriously hurt people's freedoms, rights, and privacy, all to, among other things, support a failing business model from an industry which has failed time and time again to adapt to a changing market. In any working free market, business models are allowed to fail, but the US/EU governments clearly don't see it that way. India has now announced that it is going to forge its own anti-ACTA coalition in an effort to undermine the new treaty.
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RE[3]: What.
by Hae-Yu on Fri 4th Jun 2010 16:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: What."
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1) IRT the "everyshifting nature of capitalism," I think you missed the whole first chapter of The Manifesto. Capitalism's nature is unending revolution (change/ transformation).

2) Capitalism was a HUGE step from feudalism which even Marx lauded. Heirarchical organization of internal units is irrelevant since even Marxism results in regimented societies and Bakhunin's syndicalism had a heirarchical organization of labor committees owning and controlling resources.

3) To say that capitalism was "designed" implies a conscious designer behind it. Who designed it? You can't design an economy or economic system. An ecosystem, economy and society are simply the results of all the individual and environmental interactions. People obviously try, but once loosed into the real world few things turn out as planned.

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