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Internet & Networking Earlier this week, Apple launched a HTML5 Showcase page, displaying several uses for HTML5 and related technologies. However, it turns out that Apple is using trickery to block out browsers other than Safari, with the end result that browsers with better support for web standards than Safari can't access the demos.
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RE[6]: Still unclear
by Nelson on Fri 4th Jun 2010 19:11 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Still unclear"
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But Silverlight only works on Windows and Intel Macs. Linux doesn’t count because that’s not actual, official Silverlight and might not work with certain features or certain distros at the behest of Microsoft. Where is that Moonlight VC-1 binary blob for ARM?

And Symbian, and Windows Phone. The Moonlight plugin is remarkably advanced, and with a little elbow grease, I can and have gotten my RIAs to render just fine.

It's usually a case of hopping on a mailing list or on irc and talking to the moonlight hackers, so it does take a little work, but I don't think it's stated enough how close they are to feature parity with eachother.

One day you will sit in front of your computer and realise that Silverlight has been a complete dead-end waste of time that has tied you to an awful company that is completely behind the times and unable to innovate in the web space and you will be forced to accept that HTML has won because it doesn’t need to be installed, it doesn’t wait for Microsoft and it works on all devices on all platforms on all architectures and it is the _only_ way to get content to everybody because there will never be plugin monopoly in the mobile space with the diversity of hardware and operating systems that are appearing.

I realize the plugin situation is not ideal, which is why I'd push for deeper integration of Silverlight beyond the constraints of the plugin frameworks for the various browsers.

Silverlight is more than a browser technology, and as it, and WPF converge, it will emerge as the true cross platform programming solution.

I'd like to see it have first citizen support in browsers along side HTML, and eventually replace HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SVG.

It always took someone breaking compatiblity and pioneering for any real change to come about on the web. As the web and the client side of apps become more blured, Silverlight will come more into focus.

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