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Morphos And the MorphOS team continues to expand their hardware support. They released MorphOS version 2.5 today, which adds support for Apple's eMac computers (the 1.25Ghz models, the 1.42 models have not yet been tested). Of course, there's also a whole load of fixes and improvements, too.
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MorphOS, like all operating systems, expects me to understand invisible and intangible background processes that change the state of the computer according to commands I execute. Take for example, the cipboard. We take this for granted, but it is an awful piece of UI if there ever was one. You click copy and *nothing happens*. You are expected to understand what is happening within the black box. There’s nothing tangible here with which a new user could expect to understand "copy". When you photocopy something, you get the result straight away. Not when you move to another photocopier and punch a button to get your copy from the previous machine.

The problem I have found with MorphOS—for which it cannot be blamed—is that as it has a small team of developers behind it who are all knowledgeable in the ways of the Amiga and they design and implement the OS according to their knowledge of this black box. As an outsider, where do I fit into this equation? Should I be forced to learn how the black box behaves when I prod it just because that’s how everybody before has done it and I shouldn’t complain; or shouldn’t this be redesigned so that it’s easier to understand to begin with.

How can I review something that is asking me to adopt it as a full time platform, suffer all the difficulty learning it just so that I can be "fair" about it. I can’t. All I can summise is that it is a technical achievement for the makers, it presents itself well and it has a varied and interesting community. I was going to try adopt the OS for a month but I couldn’t wrangle a free licence out of the development team so it put paid to that idea and I can’t get more out of the OS than booting it up and tinkering with it—which is neither fair or realistic when it comes to reviewing. What I did find was an awful lot of bugs—genuinely broken stuff, not only ignorance on my part. This is why I look forward to trying the new version to see what changed.

I would only want to write something if I could do the OS justice. If anything I am more inclined to write about the issues of newcomers to alternative OSes than MorphOS itself specifically.

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