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Internet & Networking Earlier this week, Apple launched a HTML5 Showcase page, displaying several uses for HTML5 and related technologies. However, it turns out that Apple is using trickery to block out browsers other than Safari, with the end result that browsers with better support for web standards than Safari can't access the demos.
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RE: Overblown
by NathanHill on Fri 4th Jun 2010 23:02 UTC in reply to "Overblown"
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I agree with you.

For one thing, the demos on the site are pretty darn cool. This should be an exciting thing for anyone on the fence about HTML5. Sure, the examples are Webkit/Safari oriented, but with such an emphasis shifting to Webkit browsers and the iPhone market, they give great examples of cool applications and features you could use on your website to target those audiences.

Everybody involved and supportive of HTML5 needs to do this, to show their base just what HTML5 means for the future and present of the web. Especially Firefox.

Despite the idea that HTML5 is going to be some universal standard, different browsers are going to seek different strategies in the implementation and rendering of HTML5.

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