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Morphos And the MorphOS team continues to expand their hardware support. They released MorphOS version 2.5 today, which adds support for Apple's eMac computers (the 1.25Ghz models, the 1.42 models have not yet been tested). Of course, there's also a whole load of fixes and improvements, too.
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MorphOS, like all operating systems, expects me to understand invisible and intangible background processes that change the state of the computer according to commands I execute. Take for example, the cipboard. We take this for granted, but it is an awful piece of UI if there ever was one. You click copy and *nothing happens*. You are expected to understand what is happening within the black box. There’s nothing tangible here with which a new user could expect to understand "copy". When you photocopy something, you get the result straight away. Not when you move to another photocopier and punch a button to get your copy from the previous machine.

Pardon me but I am not capable to see your point.

What is the difficult you find in copy function?

Is the icon remaining the same and not becoming ghosted and then you are unable to understand you clicked and copied it in clipboards?

Do you prefer that the icon will change its state and becoming ghosted until it has been copied to desired position?

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