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Morphos And the MorphOS team continues to expand their hardware support. They released MorphOS version 2.5 today, which adds support for Apple's eMac computers (the 1.25Ghz models, the 1.42 models have not yet been tested). Of course, there's also a whole load of fixes and improvements, too.
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*sigh* You're not quite understanding. Don't over react. Copy/paste is just an example where the computer changes state in a non-obvious way. It's obvious to you and I because we understand what is happening; but a computer beginner could not understand that there is such a thing as the "clipboard" when it is never mentioned in the UI. Have you ever asked yourself how come you know it's called the clipboard?

I remember clearly the first time I ever came across cut / copy / paste. It was 14 years ago and I was using Microsoft Draw on Windows 3.1 and I was playing with making shapes and looking through the menus where I found cut / copy / paste. I assumed that these functions were for drawing markings for where one would physically cut and glue the paper on your printout. You can laugh all you want, but you have _all_ done this at some point with computers, where you made some assumption that wasn't true because the computer's intentions were not obvious.

UI is hard. Don't take your privileged position to be neither common, nor the absolute truth--because when we're old, we're going to be coming across lots of new UI that the kids think is plain obvious but makes no sense to our desktop-orientated upbringing.

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